" To face reality is to open your eyes, to create reality is to open your mind "


- David Lion


David Lion, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, is a modern day magician ushering in his own style and adding a unique twist to the timeless and mysterious art forms of Illusion, Mentalism and Hypnosis.


By combining the three arts, he has created a fresh new genre known as Lionism. Through Lionism, David has become a sought after Teacher, Mentor and Empowerment Speaker for workshops, conferences and seminars around the globe. With over a decade of experience honing his craft and abilities, David’s unparalleled style has flourished wonderfully into a renowned brand.


Lionism is a direct representation of “the man behind the magic”. In regards to the art form, it is an ode to his passion, creativity, ingenuity and great showmanship, and greater still, his love and appreciation for his avid supporters. Inspired by such greats as David Blaine and David Copperfield, David is gifted with an innate charm and effortless ability to communicate and interact with his crowd in a way that immediately captivates and inspires.


Welcome to the enchanting world of David Lion, where “impossible” is redefined as “I’Mpossible”. 


Over 10 years ago, David Lion was like any other teenage boy going through his adolescent years. A time filled with awkwardness and desires of fitting in. What set this youngster apart was his imagination. Growing up, he would watch “the greats” such as David Copperfield, but it wasn't until he came across David Blaine, the infamous street magician, that he became inspired to become one of the greats himself. To this day, David Lion claims to owe much of his career to Mr. Blaine. It wasn't long before David started practicing “magic” for family, friends and strangers alike, using this new found passion as a means of interacting and connecting with others.


As the years went by, connecting and relating with people grew into one of David Lion’s many strong points as a “magician”, setting him apart from his peers, amongst other qualities. As David Lion was quickly gaining a reputation within his local community, YouTube was making it’s way into the mainstream, allowing this young and eager magician a way to reach a wider audience. Lionism quickly became a phenomenon, propelling David to another level, one that soon took him from his hometown to destinations worldwide. He had now become a “public figure” in his own right. Soon after, many in his field started to take notice in this young urban magician. David Blaine was now reaching out to him, followed by many celebrities becoming more and more mesmerized by Lionism. 


David Lion celebrates a decade of Lionism with many accomplishments. He has come a long way from his teenage years, entertaining local fans in Montreal, which he still calls home. Since then he has been busy teaching workshops in Canada, holding seminars in America, appearing on TV programs, performing live at various celebrity and corporate events, filming for his channel: Lionism TV. He's also excited to launch his first book, due out next year.

Travelling the world has not stopped David from interacting with his fan base, which has grown tremendously throughout the years. With that being said, David Lion prepares himself to embark on yet another journey. Due to massive interest from a growing worldwide fan base, David will be releasing a series of online instructional videos designed to help others discover their own potential through the arts of magic, mentalism and hypnosis.

Stay tuned...


© Lionism 2016