Master Hypnosis LIVE! 

Join Master Intuitive, David Lion, along side the world's fastest Hypnotist, Gordon Wong and Master Hypnotist Darrin "The Beast" for the ULTIMATE Hypnosis training event!
October 11th-13th


Would having me and other master hypnotists as your mentors help you overcome your fears of failure? 

Do you want to hypnotize at least 10+ people in 3 days so that you know you’re as legendary as I know you are?

The #1 thing that I hear that everyone wants support with when it comes to Hypnosis is their CONFIDENCE.


“What if I fail?”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“What’s the best induction to use?”


Those are the questions that plague so many hypnosis enthusiasts and hold them back from the life and magical experiences of their dreams.


Believe me, I’ve been there, and I know that if you had the confidence you would...


🌀 Become the Life of every room you walk into and blow people’s minds

🌀 Attract romance & opportunities just by having FUN and being yourself

🌀 Get paid to do something you love by bringing joy and making people’s lives better

🌀 Help your loved ones stop smoking, lose weight, or heal their emotional traumas 

🌀 Feel more empowered, confident and free, giving you a greater sense of purpose!


If anyone understands that... it’s me!


And that’s why I’m putting this 3-day Master Hypnosis intensive experience together for you!



Whether you’re a complete beginner or professional hypnotist, this is perfect for you if you’re either...


  1. Terrified of getting in the streets and actually doing it— because you fear failure

  2. Feel somewhat confident, but want to up level your mastery— and CRUSH it every time!

  3. Already a master hypnotist, but you want to take your mastery to the next level— because you recognize that a true master is always a student first!


Wherever you fall on the scale of hypnotists, I got you!



From October 11-13th, for my 33rd birthday, I have put together the ULTIMATE hypnosis experience for you!


Not only have I performed for A-list celebrities, become the most viral street hypnotist on YouTube, created financial freedom through my passions, and trained over 300+ hypnotists...


I’ve also trained with the most successful hypnotists in the world, mentored with the infamous “underground kings” of hypnosis, and have invested tens of thousands into my craft… and so I know what it takes to put a MASTER-LEVEL experience together!


This one-of-a-kind experience is for complete beginners and professional hypnotists, like you, who want to:

🔥 Develop unshakeable confidence in your hypnosis game

🔥 Embody your higher self and discover your soul’s true purpose

🔥 Overcome your fears of failure and social anxiety

🔥 Learn and master new methods and techniques not taught anywhere else

🔥 Train with other master-level hypnotists who will personally mentor your mastery

🔥 Surround yourself with a community of badass hypnotists who love to have fun and support each other

🔥 Become an absolute rockstar at your hypnosis game so that you can live your highest potential!


That’s why I’ve called in the underground kings of hypnosis to be your mentors, alongside myself, because I know that mastering hypnosis is all about learning the different styles and subtleties.


These Master Hypnotists are the ones you would only find if you’ve passionately spent decades of your life in the hypnosis world, and I’m talking masters like:

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 8.04.38 PM.png

The “12 year old” world’s FASTEST hypnotist that hypnotized me back in 2008 and blew me away with his 1-second hypnosis technique.  Now 21 years old, this young man is like the Bruce Lee of hypnosis. He will be there to teach you the infamous ZAP technique that first got me into the world of hypnosis!


Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at

Don’t let his kindness fool you, this man is a BEAST!  He walks around with a jacket that says “Ask Me To Hypnotize You” because he’s that dedicated and bold.  He uses a unique method of hypnosis that is not taught in any book or course, yet is so incredibly simple and practical!  His approach takes even the most resistant subjects and makes them melt at your suggestions!


Master of Intuitive Hypnosis and getting you out of your head!  My specialty is in helping you to embody your true power so that you rapidly show up like the LEGEND that you know you are deep down— by mastering your inner game and igniting your soul!



Learning Hypnosis skills is amazing, however the true magic lies in learning to embody your Higher Self.


Your Higher Self is that aspect of you that:

💫 Is highly intuitive and crystal clear on your next steps in life

💫 Empowered in your inner-world and recognizes that nothing is ever wrong

💫 Beyond confident because you can feel the power of your soul’s essence running through you

💫 In touch with your spiritual gifts, such as clairvoyance and clairsentience

💫 Alive and free in its expression, never compromising its nature for others

💫 Always in harmony with the highest good and service for all involved

This is perhaps one of the greatest gifts I can offer you during this experience, 

a pathway to your higher self.


The more you learn to embody your Higher Self, the more you will naturally ignite and transform the lives of others around you— as well as bring more ease, joy and fulfillment into your own life!


I will be offering you several methods of hypnotizing yourself (and others) into your highest self, and ultimately, destiny.


And in honor of my 33rd birthday, we won’t just be training in Hypnosis, we will be LIVING IT UP “David Lion style” to the absolute fullest!  From luxurious pool parties where we can hypnotize the guests (making for GREAT YouTube footage) to going to my favorite LIVE Hypnosis show and getting hypnotized!

In short, this is THE experience I wish I had when I was first investing in myself and my hypnosis journey.

Here’s What You Will Walk Away With:

🔥 Unshakeable confidence and the skills to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime

🔥 10+ successful hypnosis experiences under your belt (as long as you show up!)

🔥 A clear understanding of hypnosis so that it feels easy and effortless for you

🔥 A renewed sense of self-empowerment, awakening, and clarity within yourself

🔥 A precise map on how to make $2000+/week helping people permanently stop smoking online— working only 4hrs/week!

🔥 Crystal clarity on your life’s purpose, your unique soul gifts, and inspiration for your next steps

🔥 Newfound friendships and connections that will bring unexpected opportunities

🔥 TONS of great video content that you could use for YouTube, Facebook and IG


My intention and commitment is for this to be an absolutely unforgettable, life-changing experience for you.  This will be as much a birthday experience for YOU as it will be for me… so let’s play BIG, give it our ALL, and give ourselves the gifts of our next-level dreams!


So what does this ULTIMATE Hypnosis experience look like?

Here’s an essential look at the outline of our 3 day experience together



12pm - 2pm : Opening Ceremony

2pm - 3pm: Lunch Break

3pm - 6pm: Intensive Training w/ Gordon Wong

6pm - 8pm: Free Time (+VIP Dinner)

8pm - 930pm: In-Field Training



10am - 12pm: Higher Self Mastery

12pm - 2pm: Intensive Training w/ Darrin

2pm - 3pm: Lunch Break

3pm - 6pm: 

6pm - 8pm: 



10am - 12pm:

12pm - 2pm : 

2pm - 3pm:


There are over 5000+ people on my email list and I can truly only hold space for 30 people to ensure that the experience remains intimate and that everyone gets our full attention, and so if you would like to register… save your seat now!

*Food and lodging are not included in ticket pricing


$1700 USD

Includes ALL workshops and in-field training


*Only 5 available 

*First come first serve


$2000 USD


Includes ALL workshops and in-field training



$4000 USD


Includes ALL workshops and in-field training and...

2x VIP dinners with Master Hypnotist

1x VIP “Masters Circle” session 

Special Gifts

*Only 8 available 

*First come first serve

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