Secrets of a Master

For the last 5 years, 99% of my fanmail has been asking me for one thing:

How to hypnotize

At first, I would refer those people to my mentors, simply because I wanted them to have the best, but time after time those people would come back and say

"Thank you for the referral, but I want to learn your style of hypnosis!"

It was then that I started to see that even with all the training I've had, there was indeed a unique way that I performed Hypnosis that I did not learn from my mentors.

It came so naturally to me, that I almost didn't even notice I was doing it.

That uniqueness was my intuitive understanding of Hypnosis

Of what it takes to go beyond "the best techniques" 

and know how to hypnotize confidently 100% of the time.

This is what I am ready to share with you now.

I've literally invested thousands of dollars in seminars and have learned from THE best Hypnotists in the game.

Yet as much as I've learned from them, no book, dvd or mentor was ever able to teach me the intuitive secrets that I'm sharing with you in this DVD

With these secrets, you will no longer be looking for "the best technique" and if you're already a hypnotist, you will never have a fear of failure again

After more than 5 years of secrecy, for a limited time,

I am opening up my secrets to you.

Use them wisely and with heart.

© Lionism 2016